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We’re inspired by the lives of our residents and their families.

“I like two things about living at Lamar Court: the other people that live here are some real sweethearts! And we have a lot of people that work here that really truly care about the well-being of our residents.” – Henry C., Resident

“Well, I like it here and my husband LOVES it! Everyone is so nice and the staff is wonderful and I feel so comfortable here, more so than I ever thought I would.” – Louise R., Resident

“At my age I am delighted to have someone take out the trash, cook for me, dust, vacuum, etc…and it’s nice to have someone help me with my daily cares 24/7, even in the middle of the night…and the food is good. Lamar Court has assisted living that covers a lot of ground, we looked at others but nursing left at 8pm. We like having an LPN on duty and staff in the building 24/7.” —Richard & MaryJo K., Residents

“I love Lamar Court. I love to feel free, free to do what I enjoy doing. To have people truly hear you and to be immediately responsive means everything.”  — Richard B., Resident

“I’ve been here nine and a half years, and this is home. I invite friends here to play bridge or have dinner in the private dining room knowing they will be greeted graciously.”  — Jean C., Resident

“I have a wonderful apartment; the floor plan creates a real sense of spaciousness. I enjoy the social aspect of dining with other residents, the dining staff makes you feel at home and the food is good. I also look forward to the great entertainment we have here at Happy Hour and Candlelight Dinner.”  —Mary G., Resident


Hospitality is built into our culture. Come meet the residents who help make Lamar Court such a great place to live.
Flora Strecker

Flora Strecker


Flora has lived at Lamar Court for two years now and made plenty of new friends. She didn’t know anyone when she first moved here, but has now met neighbors through all of the activities she participates in.

“There’s so much to do here,” she said. “I love that there are so many choices of activities every day. There really is something here for everyone. The dining room also has plenty of choices … you can choose from a lot of different entrees. And the dining attendants are very good and very responsive.

The generous size of the rooms and closets in her private apartment are what initially attracted Flora to our community. Now she also likes the fact that the nurse’s station is available near her residence for her to ask questions about her health. “It’s so reassuring,” she added. “It’s just a good feeling to have the nurse on duty right here for advice.”

Flora grew up in Liberal, Kansas and resided in Overland Park, Kansas before moving here. She worked as a secretary for United Telecom which is now Sprint. She currently enjoys playing Bridge twice a week in our community.

“My family thinks Lamar Court is very good for me and they’re so pleased I am living here,” says Flora. “My daughter lives in Lee’s Summit and I have friends here in Overland Park. “

She appreciates the Lamar Court staff as well. “Everyone here is so attentive and helpful. Maintenance is right here if I need anything done and they even help me with the computer and charging my cell phone. It’s nice to have laundry done for you and everything … everywhere I look … is so nice and clean.”

Ted North

Ted North


“Some people might say I am too much of a nut,” Ted North says, laughing, “but I’m not a doom and gloom type of person.”

Ted has resided at Lamar Court for two years and said he initially wasn’t keen on moving here. “I am one of the youngest here and I came here because I needed assistance. “When I first moved here, I was falling down a lot. I could barely walk without a walker. Now, I exercise here at least 10 times a week and my balance issues are gone.”

He said the friendly residents and courteous staff appealed to him the most. “I was impressed by the whole place immediately” he said. “I have a positive attitude and it’s been reinforced every day. I go out of my way to get to know everyone.”

Gaining a lot of his strength back has been vital to Ted since he moved to Lamar Court. “The personal trainer and doctors will ask me what I want to work on and then they will help me with a plan. I can do everything from physical and strength exercise to balance workouts. It’s been very, very good for me. I take yoga and all the fitness classes here. There is even a cognitive therapy program on-site once a week to help with your brain and memory. If you would see our calendar, it’s unbelievable. From 9 the morning, until 5 p.m. in afternoon, it’s booked solid. But you’re never required to attend anything. It’s always your choice.”

Ted’s family includes five children and ten grandchildren. He most recently lived in Olathe, Kansas and he retired three years ago. 

“Before I moved here, I was getting negative and discouraged. I started to worry about things that I should not be worried about,” said Ted. “But that has all changed. I walk through those doors and this is home.”

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Why did the Lamar Court Assisted Living residents choose us?

Because they’re smart seniors and families that opted for a rental-based community in Overland Park.