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Three Keys to Retirement Happiness

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, every day in the United States more than 10,000 Americans turn 65. The senior population is booming, and with that, many individuals are starting to consider life after work; but how do you know if you’re ready for retired life? If you’re someone who enjoys staying busy, or you just love the work you do, you might be wondering, do people really enjoy retirement? Does retirement make you happy, truly? The answer may vary for every individual, but the keys to enjoying retirement rest on ensuring you are financially prepared and have a plan to live a purposeful life after retirement.

How to Enjoy Life After Retirement

Now that you’re retired, or close to your retirement, you might be wondering what’s the first thing to do when you retire, or how to enjoy retirement now that you have no work responsibilities weighing you down! As mentioned previously, though, the top three keys to enjoying a life of leisure in retirement have to do with ensuring you are financially ready to retire:

  1. Ensure your debts are paid off. If you have medical expenses, mortgages or other debts to pay off, those payments will take up more room in your daily budget, which is now limited to your post-retirement income sources. Before you retire, try to pay off any outstanding debts to help stretch your monthly retirement income further.
  2. Keep a close eye on your spending habits. While it might be tempting to spend money on renovating your home, new hobbies or traveling the world during your retirement, make sure to keep an eye on your spending habits. With all the extra time you’ll have, it can be easy to pick up hobbies or start new projects that cause you to spend more money on a monthly basis. Try to plan out your budget each month and stick to it to ensure you aren’t overspending!
  3. Have clear communication with loved ones regarding your budget. Just like you don’t want to overspend, you want to make sure your spouse or loved ones also clearly understand their new budget. Having clear communication now about spending habits and important purchases can help avoid arguments later about overspending on unnecessary items.

How Long Does it Take to Get Used To Retirement?

The first few weeks, or even the first few months, of retirement might be disconcerting to some. With so much more free time available to you, how do you know what to do with yourself? For some, it may be easier than others, especially if you have a plan to keep yourself occupied with meaningful activities. It’s important not only to be ready for retirement financially, but also socially and emotionally. For that reason, make sure to have a lifestyle plan in place when it comes to your retirement. Plan a few social activities a month, and exercise regularly. Create a bucket list of all the things you want to accomplish during this time, and set goals for yourself in terms of how long you will take to accomplish them. Be sure to replace your work routine with new routines that will keep you from feeling isolated.

Concerned about your ability to keep yourself occupied during retirement? Check out a senior community like Lamar Court Assisted Living, where all your retirement needs can be met in one place. Retirement communities aren’t just for individuals needing nursing home assistance; communities like Lamar Court offer assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs), but also allow you or your loved one to live as independently as possible for as long as you are able. Most communities also offer a robust activities program to help you acclimate to retirement living with an active social schedule. And, as research shows, living in a retirement community can actually lead to a longer, stronger lifespan due to less stress from the maintenance-free lifestyle.

Retire in Style at Lamar Court

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