Main Entrance at Lamar Court Assisted Living in Overland Park KS

Meet our 2020 Ambassadors, Ted and Flora.

One of the best parts of residing at Lamar Court is the sense of belonging and family you experience here. That feeling is due, in part, to the many social and recreational events we offer. There’s a lively atmosphere everywhere you go within our community. Someone is always out and about so you can easily converse with neighbors.

Our busy calendar of events is designed for people like Ted North and Flora Strecker, our new ambassadors for the year. Both these residents take part in a variety of activities both on- and off-site.

Senior resident Flora

Flora says, “There’s so much to do here. I love that there are so many choices of activities every day. There really is something here for everyone. The dining room also has plenty of choices … you can choose from a lot of different entrees. And the dining attendants are very good and very responsive.”

Our other ambassador, Ted, likes to lead an active life like Flora, too. He said he exercises at Lamar Court at least 10 times a week and that the balance issues he had when he moved here two years ago are gone.

“Before I moved here,” Ted says, “I was getting negative and discouraged. I started to worry about things that I should not be worried about. But that has all changed. I walk through those doors and this is home.”

Ted added, “From 9 in the morning, until 5 in afternoon, Lamar’s calendar is booked solid. But you’re never required to attend anything. It’s always your choice.”

Senior resident Ted

Both residents said their families were happy to see them move to our community. Our care services include individualized plans that are designed to enhance independence and comfort. With help with everyday tasks if needed, residents are able to enjoy life more.

Flora says, “Everyone here is so attentive and helpful. Maintenance is right here if I need anything done. It’s nice to have laundry done for you and everything, everywhere I look, is so nice and clean.”

Ask Ted and Flora about their experience at Lamar.