Elderly woman talking to younger caretaker

Introducing Our Senior Resident Ambassador Program

Whether you’re moving into a new neighborhood or a cozy community like ours, it always takes some time to adjust. Settling in and unpacking can be a real bear – not to mention getting the lay of the land, discovering important resources and locations and finding your social niche.

When you’re trying to adapt to an unfamiliar place, it always helps to have a guide. That’s where our resident ambassadors come in. When you move to Lamar Court, you’ll be paired off with one or two ambassadors who will get to know you and welcome you to our community.

After greeting you in your new apartment, our ambassadors will answer any questions you might have and show you around. They also often plan for dinner and activities with their new neighbors, like a scenic bus ride, a game of Wii Sports or attending an art class – whatever helps residents feel at home faster.

Who Are Our Resident Ambassadors?

They’re warm and friendly folks who want to create a greater sense of community for new arrivals. And of course, they live here at Lamar Court – which means they know all about making your move-in easier and more enjoyable. Here’s an introduction to just a few of the people who might welcome you when you move.

Tiffany Walter. Known by friends for her sunny disposition, Ambassador Tiffany Walter proudly encourages others to move to Lamar Court. She says, “you won’t ever be lonely, and there is always someone to talk to at our community.” Read more about Tiffany Walter.

Shirley Tuttle. The closeness between friends and neighbors at Lamar Court is what Shirley loves the most. “I like to be able to help others,” she says. “I’d say, they would enjoy [Lamar Court], the camaraderie, and they would be pleased with how friendly the neighbors and staff are.” Read Shirley’s bio here.

Bill Howard. What do folks think about Resident Ambassador Bill Howard? Just ask Lori Nastav, Head of the Ambassador program. “Bill is friendly, polite and a true gentleman. And luckily, he is also one of our ambassadors.” Meet Bill by reading his bio.

There’s More to Learn About Lamar Court

Now you know who you might meet when you move to Lamar Court, but there’s so much more to discover. Like a wealth of amenities and services that brighten each day – including our heated whirlpool, landscaped courtyards and delicious dining served fresh by our team of chefs.

Naturally, our excellence extends to the assisted living care we provide. Everything at our community is tuned to each individual’s health needs and comfort. We ensure that each resident is supported exactly as they need to be, without interrupting the life they truly want to lead.

Find out why so many Overland Park seniors and their families choose Lamar Court. Reach out by calling 913.285.8419 or visiting the Contact Us page on our website.